You Don’t Actually Need Caffeine to Start the Day

Caffeine Story – People often believe that they are unable to start the day until they have had their first coffee. But the truth of the matter is that this is the wrong thing for us to do.

Instead, when we wake, our brain is already very active at helping us to get our energy levels up to a point where we feel that we can actually function. It does this by releasing cortisol that then floods our system. This cortisol is a natural stimulant that does indeed help to fire us up for the difficult day ahead. So our body does not need the caffeine in the way that we believe.

However, if you still feel that this should be part of your morning ritual, then the best way in which you can feel the absolute benefits of it is to wait until later in the morning before you go ahead and have that cup. You will feel that it helps you more than if you had consumed your first coffee as early as possible.

How Old is Caffeine?

Caffeine could arguably be the thing that keeps the world spinning, as so many people need their fix of it before they are able to function in the morning. However, do you know how old the use of caffeine is within our society?

Most people would argue that it was just a few centuries old. But you would be so wide of the mark if you did indeed go ahead and give that answer. Instead, archaeologists believe that the use of caffeine goes back to the Palaeolithic age to a date that is approximately 700,000 years ago.

The reason why this theory is believed to be plausible is simply because caffeine appears in a variety of plants. And it has been shown through research that those plants were used all those years ago, so it is hardly a giant leap in the imagination to then decide that our ancient ancestors were also using it like some kind of drug.

Now, they were not using it in the form of coffee or a soft drink. But there is a firm belief that they spent their time chewing on the plant which would still release some of the caffeine into their bloodstream. From this, they would then have more energy to go and hunt for food. So it would have certainly been beneficial for them to make full use of those plants whenever they could.