You are way smarter than you realize

Do you sometimes hear people speak and think, “They’re sure having an intellectual conversation.” It’s important to know that you’re actually more smarter than you realize. Are you constantly curious about the meaning of life? Are you highly adaptable to strange environments? Is being funny really a sign that you’re smart.


  • You’re Funnier Than Others
  • You Show More Empathy
  • You’re Always Procrastinating
  • You Often Think About the Meaning of Life
  • You Practice Discipline
  • Adapt To New Environments
  • You’re Always Up at Night
  • Open Minded
  • You’re Always Anxious

Smarter – You’re Funnier Than Others

To put it simply, smart people have a hilarious sense of humor. It serves them well throughout life. Do you have people complimenting how funny you are? Do people laugh when you say something? This might be a sign of your intelligence. Funny people often see irony where others don’t. They are also quick to comment on it with a sarcastic tone and witty perspective. If you are noticing something peculiar, you’re often the first one to say something. This is usually followed by laughter. A study from 2011 showed that people who wrote funny captions on witty cartoon pictures usually score high on tests for verbal intelligence. Professional comedians also do well in this area.

You Show More Empathy

Can you tell what a person is thinking just by looking at their facial expression? This can be a sign that you are smarter. Highly intelligent people not only understand a person’s emotions by seeing a sad look on their face, they notice something’s off with their entire vibe. They can almost feel what you’re thinking. Smart people express a lot of empathy for people around them. If a person is going through something, you know just how to act. You are aware of your place in this situation. You’re not saying anything inappropriate, or behaving in a way that’s hurtful. This is all part of displaying emotional intelligence.

You’re Always Procrastinating

You see, smart people are able to prioritize better than others. They realize that things of greater importance should be taken care of first. If there is something on their to-do list that is relatively minor, then going to set it aside. But there is a conflicting argument. While scheduling and organizing would be seen as a more intelligent way to handle things, experts suggest smart people are more likely to put off the important tasks. This can work to their advantage. Some of the brightest minds have come up with their best ideas when they’ve procrastinated. This gives them more time to think, and potentially come up with the next big thing.

You Often Think About the Meaning of Life

It takes a really intelligent person to think about the bigger questions. We are often so caught up in the madness of day-to-day life, we don’t stop to think about what’s beyond our understanding. For a really smart person, this is their entire day. At least a big chunk of it. And it can drive them crazy. If you’re the kind of person who is constantly wondering about the universe, it’s a sign that you’re operating out of greater intelligence. You’re usually the person who sits at the table and offers up philosophical questions about the “point” of everything. To your friends, you might seem like a bit of a downer. But for you, it’s something of deep concern.

You Practice Discipline

For most of us locked in our house at the moment, it’s likely you’ve had some time freed up. This unfortunately comes with new unhealthy habits. If you’re laying around with nothing to do, these bad habits will probably come in the form of overeating and drinking. Not saying that people who overindulge in junk food don’t have a head on their shoulders. Everyone’s got a vice after all. But having self-control and eating chips in moderation is a huge step forward many people wouldn’t dare take. This all goes back to priority. If a smarter person has goals, such as getting into terrific physical shape, they are able to organize the steps to get there. These are the kinds of things you think about. Because of your end reward, you have better motivation to control your urges. In a study from 2009, researchers found that people who get paid larger amounts practice more self-control. This keeps them on the right path. The same people scored higher on intelligence tests.

You Adapt To New Environments

Do you find that you’re able to blend in easily? Let’s say you get a new job. Do you mingle well with your coworkers? Are you good at small talk? Smart people observe their surroundings. From here, they are able to determine what is appropriate and what isn’t. If people beside them are talking about basketball, they take it upon themselves to brush up on their sports knowledge. This way they fit in. An intelligent person can thrive in many different settings. Their brains allow them to change their behavior in order to fit in with their surroundings.

You’re Always Up at Night

It’s been said that the smarter you are, the later you stay up. And It doesn’t mean sitting on the couch and catching up on Netflix. You’re usually doing something productive with your time. Is there an assignment you need to finish? Do you have an exam coming up? A person who uses their time at night to get ahead in their studies is probably pretty sharp. A 2009 study looked at the childhood IQ of young adults. The ones who had really high IQ’s also happened to stay up later and sleep in.

Smarter – Open Minded

In divided times like these, it’s hard to understand the perspective of others. And if you’re seeing the world through the internet only, it’s twice as hard. Intelligent people have it a little easier when it comes to this. While they don’t have to agree or even sympathize with people, they can at least understand where they’re coming from. Are you able to consider another person’s perspective? Are your debates more civil because of this? That’s probably because you’re smarter than you realize. When deciding which side you fall on, you look at multiple sources and try to get a fair and balanced view of the evidence.

Smarter – You’re Always Anxious

Smart people worry a lot. Remember how I said you’re always looking for answers to the bigger questions? Well this counts for the small questions as well. You’re always thinking about the various possibilities, and what might happen in the future. This means you sometimes read into things a little more than you should. All of the sudden, the smallest, silliest, least likely possibility becomes your number one thought. Sometimes, there’s so much happening upstairs, you don’t even know what you’re worried about. There’s just this feeling of doom. Well it’s important to fight this. After all, we have no control of our thoughts. If it makes you feel better, this is what intelligent people go through on the regular. It means you’re aware of the various possibilities. Even ones that are unlikely. Yup, the human brain sure is wild.

Now do you feel smarter?