Boys Locker Room

Women – The Victims Of Boys Locker Room

Girls, think about your school or college days. Did anyone say anything about your boobs? Did you hear the comments made by your BRO friends about other girls? Based on the dress you wore did anyone decide your character? All these type of Boys Talks include exploring the girls they met in their life, sharing their pictures with other boys. They call this discussion space as Boys Locker Room.

Recently #bioslockerroom got busted and the admin of the Instagram group got arrested in Delhi. They discuss about the girls in their life, share girls pictures, comment on their bodies. They even discuss how easy it is to rape them. Objectifying girls starts from school itself. In the past we have heard the famous DPS scandal. Teens are easily attracted to sex.

They are not able to control their feelings. Parents will never come to know what is happening in their children’s life. Parents doesn’t know what their kids are doing with their phones, with whom they are talking and what they are talking about.

Technology misused

There are few apps that are meant for entertainment but they are not being used in a right way. Tiktok got banned in India for sometime due to obscene content. Later Government lifted the ban. But still girls, boys, men and women go to extreme for fame. There are many other apps which provide Private Rooms for users to subscribe. Host will get some share from the subcription amount. Mostly these hosts are school, college girls and even married women. They tease the users with their words, moves so that people can come back and pay more money.

Teens are spending hours to upload content on these type of apps. They try to look more beautiful/handsome. Over a period of time they take sensitive private things as normal and put it in-front of millions. They should not do anything that creates ripples though it is for fun.

Not sure if there are any #girlslockerroom similar to boys groups. Objectifying has become part of our society. School boys and girls are getting exposed to more than that is needed for their age. Strict Laws might create some impact but cannot stop these type of issues in future. Teens should change their thinking about their opposite sex. Hope teens take care of themselves and others in a good way soon.

Girls Views On Boys Locker Room