Windows 10 Tips & Tricks 2

Windows 10 – Tips & Tricks You Should Be Using – Part 2 – 2020

There’s a reason why almost 1 billion people use Windows 10: It’s made for getting things done. Check out these 10 Tips & Tricks to get most of Windows 10. Check out Part -1 tips & tricks here.

Cloud Clipboard

The windows clipboard now lets you copy and paste across multiple devices with their cloud clipboard. To enable it go to settings and click on system. In the left pane select clipboard turn on clipboard history and enable sync across devices to copy from one PC to paste on another. Pressing the Windows key + V will bring up the cloud clipboard.

Nearby Sharing

If you’re familiar with Apple’s airdrop, Microsoft now has a similar feature called nearby sharing. It will let you share content with other Windows 10 computers connected to your network or Bluetooth. To enable it go to system then shared experiences. Toggle the switch on for nearby sharing. When you select share in Microsoft Word and many other programs including photos you should see nearby computers.

Dark/Light Mode

Lite mode is the default color with Windows 10. Changing to a dark mode is the first thing I do after a fresh install. Go to personalization and on the left select colors. Your three choices are light, dark and custom. When you select custom, it lets you set the defaults for windows and apps separately.

Night Light

To reduce eye strain, go to the settings and select system. In display, switching on the nightlight reduces the blue light committing from your screen which can help you fall asleep easier. If you go into nightlight settings, you can schedule it from sunset to sunrise or set your own hours.

Open Pinned Programs

Programs/Apps that are pinned to taskbar can be easily opened without having to click on them. By using the keyboard shortcut Windows key plus a number. Try urself, it will be fun.

Pause Updates

Microsoft says that updates are important because you will get security patches, bug fixes and latest features. But there may be times you’re not ready to update or you may have heard about issues with the latest updates causing problems for others. That of course would never happen with Windows 10. To pause an update, in settings go to update & Security. Whether you have Windows 10 home or pro your options will vary.

Below check for updates there’s a button to pause updates. If you go into Advanced Options you can select another date up to 35 days to pause and update. After you reach your pause limit you’ll have to get a new update before being allowed to pause again.


Open calculator app by going to the search bar in the lower left and typing calculator. When it appears click on it. Many people don’t realize just how powerful it is. Most of you are familiar with the standard calculator. If you click the menu icon in the upper left you’ll find additional calculators including scientific, programmer and date calculation. Below that you’ll find more than a dozen converters.

Time Difference

Go to the search bar and do a search for the alarms and clock app. Click on it, go to the clock cab. In this tab it’ll calculate the time difference between two locations. This is useful if you have friends family or business associates outside your area. To add a new location click the plus at the bottom. Then in the upper left enter the new location. Once you add a location it is automatically saved in the app. To delete a location select the icon to the right of the plus. Tick the box of the one that you want to delete then click the garbage icon at the bottom.

Game Bar

If you haven’t used the Windows 10 game bar for a while it’s not full of cool extras that might be useful for you. To bring it up press the Windows key + G as usual you can still take a screenshot and record your gameplay. There’s an audio widget with system and app controls and below that is one that shows your system performance. Over to the right the Xbox social overlay lets you chat with your friends and see who is online. If you go to the overlay menu you can remove or add additional overlays

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a nasty malware that encrypts your data holding it hostage unless you pay a ransom. To help protect your computer, ransomware protection is now included with Windows Defender. Go to the search box and do a search for Windows security when it shows up selected go into virus and threat protection. Scroll down and select manage ransomware protection.

Turning on controlled folder access blocks unauthorized changes to your protected files folders and memory. Selecting protected folders will show you a list of folders currently being protected. You can choose to add additional folders by selecting the + next to add a protected folder and browse your computer for that folder.

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