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Windows 10 – Tips & Tricks You Should Be Using – Part 1 – 2020

There’s a reason why almost 1 billion people use Windows 10: It’s made for getting things done. Check out these 10 Tips & Tricks to get most of Windows 10.

Arrow Shake

This cool trick is an old classic that’s been around since Windows 7 and it still works today with Windows 10. If your screen is getting cluttered with open windows you could just minimize each window individually. But instead, left click on the title bar of the program you’re working with and with the left mouse button held down shake your mouse back and forth from left to right to minimize all windows. If you want to bring all the other windows back up just shake your mouse again and that’s all.

Old School Start Menu

If you’re not a fan of the newer start menu with the live tiles thankfully there’s an alternative Start menu that might be more useful for you. On windows icon a right-click will bring up a menu with shortcuts to apps and features power options, windows powershell and a whole lot more.

Taskbar Calendar Event

A newer feature that’s been added is the ability to create a new calendar event from the taskbar without having to open the
calendar app. In the lower right select the date and time, pick the date of your event give it a name. Select the time, click on the checkmark enter the location and when you’re done click on save.

Snip & Sketch

A built-in screenshot tools for windows have always been inadequate when compared to third-party software. Closing the gap sniffing sketch is the best screen capture tool ever to be included in any microsoft operating system. To activate it press the windows key + shift + the letter S. Your choices are rectangular, freeform, window and full screen snip.

Background Apps

Programs that run in the background can offer many beneficial features like the ability to show you notifications. But they can also waste bandwidth use up system resources and drain your laptop battery. To turn them off go to Settings. For new users click the windows icon in the lower left and select the Settings icon. Go to privacy in the left pane, scroll down and select background apps.

If you toggle the top switch to off it’ll stop old apps from running in the background. Or you can leave it turned on and switch off each app individually in the list below.

Focus Assist

When working on a task notifications can be a huge distraction. To gain more control over these notifications, in the Settings app go to system and in the left pane select focus assist. You have three choices.

  1. Leaving it off, you’ll get all notifications from your apps.
  2. Contacts priority only will only show you selected notifications from the priority list but you can customize by selecting the link.
  3. Alarms only will hide old notifications except for alarms.

You can also choose the time and activities you have focused Assist turn on automatically.

Manage Notifications

Go to system and select notifications and actions. In a most recent update Microsoft added an easier way to get to this page that will save you some time. Close the settings window. In the lower right go to the Action Center and in the top right click manage notifications.

Slide To Shutdown

Here’s a cool trick that uses a full-screen slide down to power off your computer. Right-click go down to new and select shortcut. In the empty field enter %windir%\System32\SlideToShutDown.exe. Click on next and then finish. When you double click on it, just drag the bar all the way down to the bottom of your screen to power off your computer.


Dictating is no longer just for third world leaders now you can do it in Windows 10 in all seriousness voice. Dictation has been around for a while in Windows and has improved quite a bit. In any text field to activate it press the Windows key + H on your keyboard. Now you can give your fingers a rest and use your voice to start dictating.

Emoji Menu

At any time you need to bring out the menu of emojis, press the Windows key and period key on your keyboard. In addition there’s tabs to access key emoji characters and a good selection of symbols.

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