Married Indian Women

Why Married Indian Women Are Using Dating Apps?

There are no fixed rules in any relationship. Same applies to marriage as well. In marriage one expects the other person to be transparent and honest. But everyone have their own secrets. It is up to the individual whether to share or not. In this modern world where one can talk to anyone around the world, doors were open for many Indian women who are restricted to their homes all these years. Everyone will have their own reason for using dating apps. Here are some reasons why married Indian women are using dating apps.

Unhappy with husband

The main reason for any partner to search for another person is that they are not happy. There might be many reasons why they are not happy with their husband. Husband might be neglecting her needs or not respecting her views or decisions. When she is unhappy she might share her feelings with parents or friends. But once she crosses this stage she might look for other means like dating apps. They are trying to find missing happiness, attention and time with partner.

Here is a story of a married lady who is having two kids and unhappy with husband. “Ours is a love marriage. Initially it was all good. He used to go to work and earn good money. Later after becoming father he resigned to the job. It impacting our financial situation. We had few fights over this. Finally he agreed to search and join a job. He found a marketing job. So he frequently travels. But the salary is very less. Once I forgot to use safety and became pregnant. I don’t want to deliver one more baby and get into financial trouble more. But at the same time I don’t want to abort. So I delivered second baby and my husband kept changing jobs. This behavior irritated me more. He was a drunkard and beats me too. I have decided to wait for few more years and divorce him and I cannot leave now because I have few months old baby. I have installed dating apps to find a partner for me.

Boring Life, Loneliness

Most of us are leading mechanical lives. You might be working in a company or owning a business or be a house wife. Over a period of time women get fed up with their daily routine activities. They expect a change over. Something that rejuvenates them. This boring life issue is more in house wives. They do same things daily, they cannot go out and meet new people or friends regularly. So they turn to social networks or dating apps [to maintain secrecy].

Physical needs

This is the main reason of teens for using dating apps. Here is the experience of a 24 year old girl – “I work in a software company and I have very few friends who are in touch with me regularly. I don’t have a boy friend. I don’t know exactly when and why this sexual drive hit me, I like it very much. It feels like that I need more action on bed regularly, like daily. So I have started using dating apps. I am flooded with many matches in the app. I had few encounters with men after first meets and I don’t feel bad about it. It’s my physical need so I have to do it. By the way I am a proper Brahmin girl. I think it is because of hormones during this age and the society around us that’s impacting my thoughts.”

It is understandable for singles to try dating apps for physical needs. Why married women are using these platforms for their body needs? It boils down to single statement – “It is very difficult to please a woman in bed“. It is not a easy task. Men have their own problems in bed so it is impacting women. That is why they are looking for other men.

Here is a story why a married lady turned to dating apps – “I got married immediately after my studies to a man who belongs to a rich family. Within a month I came to know that I am not in a correct place. He doesn’t like to have bed time with me regularly, he does only when he was drunk, that too very quick, 1-2 min. He leaves the room when I am changing dress in front of him. I don’t know why he does that. After 10 years of marriage I am still not pregnant. You can imagine the effort he puts in bed. Finally I have decided that I need to find someone else to at least take care of my physical needs. So I have started using dating apps.

Latest Trend of Married Indian Women

These days same gender relationships are in rise. Even though they are married they are looking for same gender people to start a new secret life. Girls are forced into traditional marriage concept without knowing her feelings. Finally post marriage they are having secret life and maintaining relationship with another woman.

Final Thoughts on Married Indian Women

It depends on the individual how to live their life and what they need in their life. They should not regret later due to the consequences of their secret actions. There are few Indian married women who inform husband about their casual talks on dating apps. There are few women who are in open relationship with husband. They don’t interfere in each others personal life but stay together. Everything seems fine until society steps in and points at you. It is up to you and your needs whether to listen to society or say fuck off!.

Very less women inform their husband about their stay on dating apps. Secrecy is the key here. It can happen with any woman around the world, not just with Indian married women.