snowing in saudi arabia

Why it’s snowing heavily in West Asia, Saudi Arabia?

West Asia a region known for its dry and hot weather it has now been blanketed by snow. There’s been a huge dip in mercury allowing polar air from the arctic to reach this region. The scenes are surreal. For some it’s a cause of celebration. But the snow has also disrupted daily life in many places. It’s snowing in Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and parts of Saudi Arabia. Can you believe it? If you can’t then look at this video.

The images from Saudi Arabia. These are camels caught in a blizzard in the city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia. The video has gone viral. Snowfall is not uncommon in the city of Tabuk but the scale this time has surprised many.

Snowing in Jordan

Jordanians are surprised too. Jordan’s capital Amman, it’s covered in at least eight inches of snow. The locals are delighted, the authorities are not. The snowfall has disrupted traffic, postponed wuhan virus vaccination programs. Even exams at some universities. Resident Comments – “It is a great feeling. I can’t describe it. We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. We haven’t seen the snow in the last five to six years. Especially in Amman’s heights”.

Snowing in Syria

It’s the same situation in Syria. Snow has covered the rooftops of many houses. Visuals from Al-Mauza a town in the rebel-held Idlib province. The Syrian civil defense forces also known as the white helmets have been called to reopen snow-covered roads.

Snowing in Jerusalem

Right next door in Israel, it’s snowing in Jerusalem. The first snowfall in six years. In some places there’s at least 10 inches of snow. In fact on the 18th of February the city witnessed its coldest night of the year. But that did not stop people from praying at the western wall in Jerusalem. Several Jewish faithfuls were seen praying while others sang and danced as the snow fell.

Snowing in Lebanon

Blanketed by snow, Thursday was the coldest day of the year in this country. Some villages here are seeing snow for the first time ever. Nearly a dozen roads have been closed.


In Libya the green mountain has been blanketed white for the first time in 15 years. The flurry began on Monday. It is expected to last till the weekend. Locals are seeing this weather as an Omen. Hoping that it will herald a brighter future for their country. Resident comments – “We hope the snowfall will be a good sign for our homeland by unifying our institutions. And unifying our homeland. And for the people to return to one another and love each other.”

United Nations Reaction

A total of seven countries in West Asia are seeing rare snowfall. And not just this region, from Greece to Texas, snow has reached areas it hadn’t in many years. While South Asia and the southern hemisphere are bracing for heat waves. These abnormal weather extremes are proof that climate change is real.

The united nations has issued an interesting statement. Breaking away from its previous statements asking leaders to take action. It is said “For too long, We’ve been waging a senseless and suicidal war on nature. The result is three interlinked environmental crises that threaten our viability as a species. Human well-being lies in protecting the health of the planet. Without nature’s help we will not thrive or even survive”.