Bus No 007 - James Bond

Why is it 007?

When it comes to a super spy, then can there be a more famous one than James Bond? However, have you ever stopped to think about the reasons why he is known as 007?

Well, it turns out that the reason for that number being used as some kind of code is far more mundane than Bond himself would care to admit to, and it is all thanks to the creator, Ian Fleming. Now, you might think that he sat long and hard about code names. Or spent time doing his research into how the Secret Service actually operated before settling on that code. But that would not be correct.

Instead, it seems that the 007 just represented the number of the bus. The bus Fleming used to catch when he would travel from Canterbury into London. You can see how this knowledge does somewhat dilute the power of the number because James Bond is not then as cool as we perhaps initially imagined when you know that he was effectively named after an everyday bus route.

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