Why Do We Want to Squeeze Cute Things?

Have you ever noticed something that you deem to be cute. And all you want to do is to go ahead and squeeze it? You must admit that it just seems to be very appealing for some strange reason, but it seems that there may indeed be more going on behind the scenes than you thought possible.

This is not to say that we are all mad. But scientists at Yale have discovered that this urge to be aggressive in some way could be directly linked to the state of our own emotional health. What the study showed was that those individuals that had a very positive reaction to a baby also had this strong desire to go ahead and do something else such as pinch their cheeks. It might not sound like much. But it is certainly regarded as being an aggressive move at a time where you seem to be very happy indeed.

The same study also showed that people are likely to pop more bubble wrap. When they are shown cute images of babies or animals than if they were shown more normal images.

So, why does this (Squeeze) happen?

It seems that there are two theories. The first is that it is an attempt by our emotions to produce a counter-balanced emotion to the highly positive. And emotional one that we are already experiencing. Then, there is another theory that our mind is producing a negative emotion to effectively restore our emotional balance. The idea is that if we are unable to do this, then we are emotionally unstable. Although, some work still has to be carried out to see how accurate they are with this theory.