Banana Curve - Dried Fruit

Why are Bananas Curved? Why Drying Fruit is Not So Good?

Fruit – Have you ever taken the time to contemplate just why bananas are indeed curved? Is it because of some issue with their genes that make them do this? Is it because that is just the way that they are intended to be in the same way as a pear is in the shape of a pear?

The answer is no to both of those options. It is a lot easier to understand than you may have initially expected. The real answer is because the banana grows towards the sun, but it doesn’t start out pointing in that direction. Instead, it starts growing slightly away from the sun. And just like plants will lean in a particular direction to get the best light, the same can be said for the banana.

In other words, it has to do with nature, but not what you anticipated. And the humble banana just wants the maximum amount of light to help it grow to the best of its ability.

Drying Fruit is Not So Good

Dried fruit is put across as being a healthy alternative for a snack. And while that is not exactly wrong it does not tell you about the nutritional value that is ultimately lost because of the drying out process.

On average, and this does depend on the fruit in question. You are going to end up losing anywhere between 30% and a staggering 80% of the antioxidants and vitamins. That were initially contained within the fruit in its natural state. In other words, the benefits that you would have been getting from the fruit are pretty much no longer there simply because it is dried.

So, if you are torn between fresh or dried at any point then always choose the fresh option. It is certainly a lot healthier for you. And will be able to boost your health, while the dried version is going to always struggle.