Why am I always tired?

Do you feel tired often? Well, don’t worry because you aren’t the only one. There are many cases where people have reported that they feel tired all the time. It is not a coincidence and most of it is because of your health and lifestyle. Starting from insomnia, to not eating enough calories, to simply being lazy.


  • Lack of Protein in Your Diet
  • A Lazy Lifestyle
  • Not Getting Proper Sleep
  • Dehydration
  • Depression
  • Consuming Too Many Carbs
  • Mismanaged Sleep Cycle

Lack of Protein in Your Diet

If you don’t consume enough protein in a day, you will end up with the short end of the stick. At least as far as fatigue is concerned. Protein is one of the most important nutrients we have to consume. Experts agree that it boosts your metabolic rate as well as prevents fatigue. When you are not consuming enough protein, it’s no surprise that you will end up without proper nutrients to avoid fatigue. Therefore, your body will suffer from its loss when you aren’t consuming enough.

Another thing that your body will miss out on are chemical components known as amino acids, which we get from protein. Additionally, research suggests that amino acids help reduce fatigue. So, if you are feeling a lot of fatigue lately maybe you should get your protein levels checked. If they are low then we would suggest that you consume more protein. Foods like meat, green vegetables and dairy products are good sources. Although lack of protein isn’t the only problem.

A Lazy Lifestyle

Your body requires activity to feel tired, so that it can prepare itself for sleep. It is part of how your life works. If you aren’t involved in enough activity then your body won’t be able to take rest. When you aren’t getting enough rest, you will definitely feel tired. It is a vicious cycle and you need activity to get out of it. There is one additional problem, it is called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS. If this is the case with you then you will feel too tired to even exercise on a daily basis. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t.

In a study, it was found that CFS patients complained less about fatigue when they were involved in exercising. One study has also shown that exercising can reduce fatigue in healthy people as well. You can also make a small effort to increase your level of activity. A quick stroll around the house or taking the stairs instead of the elevator could help in many ways.

Not Getting Proper Sleep

Just like having no activity is harmful, lack of sleep is a problem as well. Sleep is important for you as it helps your body get the sufficient amount of rest that is required. You might think that your body does nothing while you sleep. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your body performs numerous functions while you sleep. One of the most notable is releasing hormones that regulate metabolism and energy levels. These hormones are responsible for helping replenish your energy. It is this reason that you wake up feeling energetic after a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, in the age of smartphones, we rarely get a good night’s sleep and insomnia only adds to the problem. If you aren’t getting enough, you will feel tired all day. What can you do about it? Get at least 7 hours of sleep every day.


Insomnia isn’t the only thing that can make you feel tired all day. Our body is made up of almost 70% water and there are many important functions that require it. As a result, we need to keep consuming water so that we don’t incur any losses. When we don’t consume enough water, a problem occurs and this problem is known as dehydration. When our body is dehydrated, it no longer holds the amount of water required to perform the important functions.

As a result, these functions don’t work. One of those problems is fatigue. Your body doesn’t have enough water to produce enough glucose. Low production of glucose leads to lack of energy. Fatigue is accompanied by other things such as thirst, dizziness and headaches. A study has shown that even a mild case of dehydration can lead to lack of concentration and lower energy levels. So don’t take that risk and drink lots of water.


When you are depressed, your brain starts sending stress signals to the rest of your body. After that, your body starts feeling tired and your energy levels decrease. This is more psychological than physical and can also affect your mental health. Many studies have linked stress and depression with fatigue. So we would recommend that you figure out ways to manage your depression or your stress. There are many organizations that help people with depression. Practicing yoga and meditation at home can be really helpful on managing stress as well as depression. Speaking of which, there is another reason for feeling tired all the time.

Consuming Too Many Carbs

We all know that our body breaks down carbohydrates and uses them as fuel. Here is the problem though, when you consume too many carbohydrates, there is a rapid rise in your blood sugar levels. To deal with this spike, your pancreas produces a large amount of insulin. This is done to get the excessive sugar out of your body. After that, there is a sudden fall in your blood sugar. So do you feel tired because of the fall in your blood sugar? Well, not completely. You feel tired because of the amount of energy that is burned during the event of blood sugar spike and fall. This is why you should consume carbohydrates at a controlled rate.

You can’t live without them and we have already told you what will happen if you consume too much. Even in a study, it was proven that children who had more carbohydrates before a soccer game had more fatigue than those who didn’t. So control your carbohydrate intake and it will be fine. In case you find it hard to do so, just balance it out by eating foods that are rich in fiber. That way your body will be able to burn the carbohydrates more easily.

Mismanaged Sleep Cycle

Your body has evolved to easily adjust itself to your needs, so that you can get enough rest. This doesn’t mean that you are supposed to abuse it everyday. If you don’t sleep when your body needs it, you feel tired. So apart from getting a full seven hours, you have to make sure that you are sleeping at the right time. This is important if you want to manage your sleep cycle. Otherwise, you will end up compromising your sleep. When that happens, you will end up feeling tired and it will continue with you for the rest of the day. You don’t want that. To avoid feeling tired, you need to get proper sleep and in order to do that you need to cut down on your nap time.

When you are taking too many naps during the day, you will end up sleeping less at night. So, cut down on your nap times during the day. In case you feel that you need to sleep during the day, balance it out with the amount of time that you will be sleeping at night. Usually, when your circadian rhythm and sleeping cycle are not in sync, you will feel tired. In case you are wondering, a circadian rhythm is your body’s cycle of the physiological process. Starting when your body temperature is the lowest, to when it is the highest. So get it to sync and you won’t face too many problems.