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Who used urine as toothpaste?

Brushing Teeth – A number of people are curious about the past and the way in which our ancestors handled certain things that we now take for granted. One major area that is often up for debate is surrounding the concept of personal hygiene. It is clear that things were handled differently when you go back in time.

Take the Romans as an example. For their time, they were pretty well advanced when it came to hygiene, but they did take things to an absolute extreme in their quest to feel good. For example, you might be wondering how on earth they would brush their teeth? What did they use for toothpaste?

Now, a number of cultures would use charcoal, and that is something that can still work today. But the Romans believed in something else. What they did was they would use urine to clean their teeth. They do say that it works very well indeed. However, you might just have to take our word for it because you hardly want to go ahead and try that out now, or do you?

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