Robin Hood

Who is the Real Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is seen by many as being the perfect example of someone standing up for those less fortunate than they are. But who exactly was the real Robin Hood?

Sadly, the truth is going to be rather disappointing for so many people. Because there was not actually a real individual by that name. Instead, what we have is a story that is a combination of pieces of information about different outlaws that existed in and around England at the same time.

Their stories would then be entwined together by minstrels. Who were present at the court of an influential landowner. Where they would regale guests with the daring tale of this individual, when they were really talking about various people.

In fact, the Robin Hood theory only appeared at the end of the 16th century. And it was thanks to a playwright by the name of Antony Munday. It seems that he was the one who was responsible for turning him into a Saxon Earl. And it may have even been done due to political reasons at the time.

Apparently, the landed gentry were rather upset with the way in which power was being diluted. So Munday created the character as a direct response. As well as to act as a warning to others that bad things can happen to even the richest in society if they are not careful.

So, in other words, it was not actually Kevin Costner. Buy Robin Hood books – here.