King Children

Who Is The King with the Most Children?

If we can stay in Ancient Egypt for just a few minutes we can look at their history and see that a Pharaoh could also lay claim to being the King with the most children during his reign. We are not just talking about a handful of children either, as it goes far beyond that.

The King in question was Ramses II. He was seen by many as being the greatest King to have ever existed. He ruled for more than 60 years. But it does appear to be the case that he had more than enough things to do in order to keep him occupied.

It is said that he fathered more than 90 children during his reign. Which is quite impressive when you think about it, and the results were split pretty evenly between boys and girls, even though exact numbers are still unknown. It does make other rulers pale into apparent insignificance when it comes to their extended family.

Hindu Mythology

As per Hindu mythology, King Sagara was the father of 60,000 sons. Dhritarashtra was the father of 100 kauravas. All these hundreds and thousands of children were not born in natural way. They were born with the blessings of saints.

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