Which Country Drinks the Most Wine?

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world with a number of countries being capable of making their own and then selling it throughout the world. However, which country do you believe is responsible for drinking the most wine when it is broken down to every 100,000 members of the population?

When you do this, you discover that the country which drinks the most wine per capita is actually the Vatican City. If that is not surprising enough, then the actual quantity that they drink per person is far higher than it is for any other country out there, with them drinking double the amount when you compare it to figures from countries such as Italy or France.

They have also worked it out that it comes down to the individual drinking in the region of 74L of wine per year which is over 100 bottles, so approximately 2 bottles per week. Of course, the population is less than 1000 so they have had to multiply things upwards to make sense of it. There are some that argue the small size of the country means that these kinds of stats are null and void.

There is reportedly a shop inside the confines of the Vatican. It sells wine that has no tax on it. Making it substantially cheaper than it would be if you just stepped outside and back into Italy.