Human Muscles

Where Do Your Muscles Come From?

For a moment, let us stick to the idea of the origins of words for this fact, only change locations and move from ancient Greece to ancient Rome. Once again, it is a medical term, and one that we all use without giving much thought as to where it comes from.

The word in this instance is ‘muscle’, and we all know that we have a huge number of muscles in our body and that they help us to move around, but what is the origin of the word? Actually, it comes from the Latin term ‘musculus’, and this translates as ‘little mouse’ which is very strange and
appears to have no relation to the muscles in our body.

However, the use of the word originates from what the Romans thought that the way in which you can see certain muscles moving in the body was similar to the way a mouse would move. In other words, they started to link it with the idea of all of these small mice under your skin helping your body to work, which is clearly wrong, but it is still a cool story that explains where the term comes from.

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