Plastic Surgery

What is the Plastic Surgery Capital of the World?

Staying with the beauty idea for a moment. Which country do you think is going to be the effective capital of the world when it comes to plastic surgery? At first, there will probably be a number of potential contenders. But we are talking about when it comes to the per capita concept in order to determine who the winner is.

You would think that parts of the US or Europe would be the main hub of plastic surgery. But if you did indeed think that, then you would be wrong. Instead, the capital of the world when it comes to plastic surgery is actually South Korea. And they are way out in front compared to other countries in the world.

It is believed that as many as one in every three women in Seoul alone have had some kind of plastic surgery procedure carried out. And a lot of them have had more than just that single operation. It means that the cosmetic surgery market in South Korea is not just booming. But it is increasing in popularity to such an extent that it is certainly becoming very common. Many individuals just go out and have something done just to feel as if they are part of the crowd.

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