Windows Background

What is the famous Windows Background?

When it comes to backgrounds that have appeared on a PC, then the one with the blue sky has to be the most famous of all. It is also seen as being the most widely used background. That is because it takes into an account of people loving it as well as being too lazy to change it to something that they may even prefer.

However, the photograph itself is taken from a real place and is not simply a computer-generated graphic. Picture was taken in 1996 and the location is in Sonoma County, California. It seems that their intention was never to create something that would, in its own right, become iconic. It was just an image to offer as an option when it came to the background. However, people took to it thanks to its brightness without being too in your face. And it was then able to hang around for a considerable period of time.

Latest Background

By June 25th 2020 it will be 24 years for this bliss background. Get Latest Windows Backgrounds – here.

What Does the X Mean in Xbox?

The Xbox has been quite a success for Microsoft since its launch. But have you ever stopped to think as to what the X part means in Xbox?

If you were under the impression that it stood for something cool, then you might be disappointed. It stands for something a bit more technical and mundane instead. In actual fact, the X part is there to represent the DirectX software that Microsoft uses in order to run the graphics on the console via the Operating System. To be honest, it just seems to work as it would feel strange calling it the Pbox or anything else now.