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What happens if you don’t wear underwear?

We’ve all been told to wear underwear since childhood, but do they have the purpose we think they do? What Happens To Your Body When You Don’t Use Underwear? Can a yeast infection happen? Will there be a funky odor? Will your skin become irritated? We’re talking both the positives and the negatives.

Advantages of not wearing underwear

No underwear – No Skin Irritation

If you’re considering going commando [not wearing underwear], it can have a positive impact on your skin. For men, not wearing underwear can save you from jock itch. This is a fungal infection that causes red, itchy skin. This rash takes place in warm and moist areas of the body. Mainly the groin and inner thighs. It gets the name “jock itch” due to its commonality among athletes. If you’re suffering from jock itch, you will start by noticing the area around your groin becoming red. This will often spread to the upper thigh in the shape of a half moon.

Soon enough, the rash will spread. You might even see tiny blisters. This itchiness is going to make you want to scratch away. Now it may sound like just another rash to you, but jock itch can get much worse. It sometimes develops into an infection. This can give you a fever. If the rash hasn’t improved, it’s best to see a doctor.

When you’re not wearing underwear, you are keeping your skin ventilated. This will keep that area cool and dry, especially after a hard workout. The trick is to let your skin breath. Even if you’re not at risk of jock itch, you will still experience a little irritation from time to time. The chances can increase if there is rough fabric rubbing against your skin. Keep in mind that going commando isn’t for everybody.

Recommend putting on some comfy pants with underwear and giving it a go first.

Protection From Allergic Reaction

If you’re carelessly going commando and not taking care of your skin, you’ll probably see an infection. But if you’re doing it properly and taking the right precautions, it can actually benefit you. Different clothing items contain fabrics, artificial dyes and chemicals that cause allergic reactions on the skin. This can be anything from rashes, bumps and even blisters.

Putting your skin in contact with the wrong fabric will even damage your tissue. It’s probably happened to you before. You first notice some discomfort. This is anything from swelling to itchiness. Inflammation can also lead to a burning, fiery rash. These marks can spread from your groin to your upper thigh, buttocks and around the waist.

By going commando, you are lessening your risk of suffering an allergic reaction. This is because your skin is not coming in direct contact with harmful chemicals. It’s just one less potentially dangerous fabric you need to worry about. It’s also smart to avoid certain soap and cleaning materials. Any remaining chemicals in your groin area can stick to your clothing, creating more irritation.

No underwear – Less of an Odor

Have you ever smelt yourself through your underwear? It’s not a great feeling. A lot happens underneath your clothes, especially in the groin area. If overheated, it will begin to sweat. This will create a really foul smell that only builds up overtime. When underwear is out of the picture, you are reducing the odor. You see, the moisture from the sweat will have somewhere to go now, instead of being trapped to build up overtime. By going commando, the sweat will evaporate.

Less Chafing

For people who haven’t experienced it, the idea of chafing is often seen as a joke. Chafing is the result of friction on the skin after it has rubbed against itself. It can also be damaged from rubbing against clothing. This can cause severe pain, along with welts and rashes. While chafing can happen around the underarm or chest areas, groin chafing is considered to be the most painful. It can affect the way you walk. There are several anti-chafing methods that exist. For instance, some people choose certain types of deodorant, as well as appropriate clothing for physical activity.

But for the groin area, you might want to consider going commando instead. This way, you don’t have potentially dangerous fabric rubbing against a vulnerable part of your body. Because overtime, it will do damage.

Protection from Yeast Infection

Saying goodbye to underwear can actually reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection. The cotton in certain underwear brands can trap moisture. This makes it easier for bacteria to grow in the female groin area. If you go commando at night, you may be able to air out the moisture. Taking away the barrier of fabric can allow your lower areas to breath, and kill any of the bacteria that’s looking to build up.

If you’re not into the idea of not wearing underwear, at least consider wearing loose pajama bottoms, or any article of clothing that reduces tension. Just make sure you’re washing your clothes as much as you can.

Lower Sperm Count

If you’re looking to have children, you need to be wearing clothing that helps your “you-know-what” area to breathe. These parts also need to be at a temperature of about 94 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s around 34 degrees Celsius. Wearing really tight underwear can increase the temperature around your groin. This does damage to your sperm count. Men with a low sperm count are advised to either switch to boxer briefs, or to ditch underwear entirely. If the latter sounds best, you will increase the chance of raising your sperm count, which in turn will raise your chances of having kids.

Less Acid Reflux

Not wearing underwear can reduce the effects of acid reflux. Just to remind you, acid reflux is a condition that occurs when a burning pain is felt in your lower chest area. This happens when your stomach acid flows back up your food pipe. You feel almost like you’re choking a little. Believe it or not, this all starts in your body’s lower region. Your stomach is situated between your bellybutton and your breastbone.

If your underwear is high enough, it can push against your stomach area, or close enough to put pressure on it. Eventually, stomach acid will be pushed upwards. Sure, some might simply adjust the positioning of their clothing, but others might consider getting rid of underwear as a whole. This creates less tension in their mid-region.

The human body is a crazy thing. The stomach and digestive area is especially scary if it’s not working right.

Disadvantages of not wearing underwear

Bacterial Exposure

Going commando isn’t all great, you know. Not wearing underwear can expose you to bacteria. Your private area carries a lot of it. This is why, underwear or not, it’s important to wash your clothes on a regular basis. If you’re going commando, you’re taking a risk. Wearing the same pants day in and day out can cause a bacterial infection, as your skin is not being refreshed. Even the act of trying on a new pair of pants at the department store is dangerous. You could very well be exposing your groin area to someone else’s bacteria. You only increase your chances of infection.

Living free of underwear comes with extra responsibility. To be on the safe side, throw your clothes in the wash after wearing them. Even if you’ve only worn them once.

Final Thoughts

If you’re underwear free, it would also be smart to wear loose and comfortable pants. This will lower your chances of both bacterial exposure and irritation. Tight clothing can damage your genital area. If you’re commando, it’s even worse, especially for women. Studies have shown that women who wear slim-fitting pants at least four times a week are at greater risk of chronic discomfort in the genital area.

Regardless of gender, tight clothing can increase moisture and body heat on the genital area. If you happen to get your pants wet, change out of them as soon as possible. Leaving your groin area wet for hours on end makes your chances of infection greater.


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