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What does the expensive smartphone provide compared to $250 phone?

Smartphones have become crazy expensive because of their camera system. Ever wonder what extra an expensive smartphone give us? All the companies are pushing for high quality camera system. They are projecting the camera system as the main selling point. We have Samsung S20 Ultra which is around $1400, this is insane. We all may wonder what we are going to get from a phone that costs $1400!.

Best Camera Expensive Smartphone

Here is the list of smartphones which got pretty good camera system and people are willing to buy them.

Google Pixel 3a

It starts around $250-$300 on Amazon. This is a great phone for the price. It is famous for providing a great camera with just single lense in a smartphone for a reasonable price. Other compaines till then used to charge high for their camera systems. It shoots good photos during day and as well as during night. It got pretty good front facing camera too.

Samsung Galaxy S10

It costs little more than Pixel 3a. Price ranges from $450-$500 on Amazon now. It got better hardware than Pixel 3a. S10 got 3 lense. It has Wide Angle, Regular and Zoom. It also got real time HDR processing which is missing on Pixel 3a. So You can see HDR effects on screen before taking pictures. Comparitevly you will get more focal options in S10 but the image quality is better in Pixel 3a.

Apple iPhone 11

This comes at $650, quite expensive. It has two lense. One is Ultra Wide and a Regular lense. Apple has really did a good job by including ultra wide lense. You can get great pictures with dynamic ranges. Apple worked on low light photography this time. The results are pretty good. It offers better low light pictures than S10 but similar to Pixel 3a. The biggest advantage that iPhone 11 over the S10 and 3a is it’s video quality. Videos are much clear, on focus and study.

Google Pixel 4

$650-$700, quite expensive. They included a regular and zoom lense. They didn’t include ultra wide, they think that people prefer zoom over ultra wide. The overall phone hardware is improved. When we only consider camera system it is not a big improvment to Pixel 3a. We can take great pictures with it. It got real time HDR processing which is missing in 3a. But if you are camera person and don’t want to spend much go for 3a instead of Pixel 4.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

It comes with Wide, Zoom and Regular lense. They did a great job with the camera system. Images come out very good. The quality of images is high. Night photos are way better than above mentioned phones. They can pick up good details in low/night light. But the only problem is it costs around $850-900.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This is a $1000 phone. Premium priced phone. The main difference is they have added a Zoom lense which is not available in iPhone 11. The price difference is around $350. Why so much price difference is because of other hardware changes. So if you just campare the camera system then it’s just the extra Zoom lense on ii Pro.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The most expensive phones are from Samsung as of now. It got Ultra Wide, Regualar and Zoom lense. It also costs around the same price of iPhone 11 Pro. Photos are great with this device. Sharp prictures on zoom is better on Mate 30 Pro compared to S20. Samsung has worked really well on night photography. Photos are great compared to older devices from Samsung. Rare facing cameras can shoot 8K videos. That’s insane for a smartphone to shoot 8K.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The costliest among the bunch, $1400. It can zoom upto 100x, really does a great work on zoom. It got 4 lense system. 108 MP lense, 48 MP, 10x Periscope lense, Ultra wide and a micro lense. They should work on video software w.r.t focus on the moving object when recording.

Final Thoughts On Expensive SmartPhone

Everyone wants good valued phone for the money they pay. The phones that cost over $600/$700 they are good but when compared with camera system of phones around $450 or less they doesn’t give much advantage. They are priced high because of new other hardware system like RAM.

Choose wisely when you are opting for a expensive smartphone and don’t spend $200-400 extra for just a single or minimal feature upgrade. Expensive smartphone is not always great for the price they come for.

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