honest person

What are the qualities of a genuine honest person?

You might think that honest people can be found at every turn, but studies have shown that 40 percent of adults lie at least once a day. It’s hard to find a truly honest person. Most people who claim to be honest are usually telling white lies and omitting things. This makes honest people that much harder to find. There are certain traits that can help you identify a genuinely honest person from a fake.

Honest person may seem rude

An honest person may sometimes come across as mean. This is because if you ask them a question, they usually tell the truth. Many truth-tellers don’t try to candy-coat things to preserve your feelings. They’d rather just get it over with so you get the real information.

Honest people have strong beliefs

He/She has a strong belief system. Their morals and standards are pretty much rock solid, and they don’t mind telling you about them.

They Are Trusted by Peers

Peers will seek the aid of honest individuals, knowing they can count on them for true, objective advice. Many others will lie and tell you the story you want to hear.

They don’t use profanity

It was once said that the use of profanity means a person is honestly expressing their opinions. In fact, politicians who believed this actually started using more profanity hoping to appear more honest.

They don’t care about popularity

They do not place any importance on other people’s opinions. This is one of their most recognizable personality traits.

They have a normal voice tone

Liars tend to change the tone of their voice in conversations. They may get louder as they talk. The more they talk, the louder they will get. Or they will lower their voice as if they’re telling you something in confidence.

Honest person gesture correctly

Dishonest people tend to gesture after they speak instead of during or before. Everyone uses gestures while talking. But when someone gestures at the wrong time, it’s a sign of deception.

They know how to build meaningful relationships

Dishonesty and apathy are unnatural for these people. These traits make them feel uncomfortable.

Their mouth is always normal

They hold their mouths regularly during conversations with you. A dishonest person purses their lips or tenses their mouth while they chat.

They are thick skinned

If a person is honest, they have thick skin, not in the literal sense of course. But they have to be like this. Why? It’s because people who tell the truth are sometimes disliked for doing so.

Their movements are natural

Non-verbal clues are often the best way to tell if someone is lying to you. If the person you’re talking to shuffles their feet or fidgets, there’s a good chance they’re being dishonest.

Honest people are good friends

A really good friend is one with integrity. They tend to be there when you need them, and be honest with you.

They don’t use the word “honestly”

If you’re talking with a person who peppers their conversations with “honestly” or “to tell you the truth,” they’re lying to you.

Honest person respects everyone

Respect is often considered something that must be earned, but honest people give respect to everyone they meet.

They are emotionally intuitive

Most people live as if they are the only important person in the world, not caring for the well-being of others, physical or emotional.