Thick eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are such an eye-catching feature, and they relate to self-confidence. Those with a bushy set of eyebrows tend to have an incredible drive in the bedroom.


Small eyes

If you have small eyes, you are a practical person who likes to take calculated actions. You are an intelligent person who has no trouble staying concentrated on tasks. Distractions don’t get the best of you.


Round cheeks

A person with round cheeks can often be considered physically healthy; as far as the personality is concerned, round cheeks give off friendly vibes.


A flat forehead

Do you know someone with a flat forehead? You can expect them to come for you with their long list of facts when you two get into an argument.


A strong chin

People with a strong chin have great willpower yet tend to be stubborn. They have a lot of confidence and energy too.

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