A day in the life of Tim Cook



Rise & Shine

Check emails

Cook spends an hour going  through nearly 800 emails he receives  each day this includes things like user comments which he believes are essential to Apple


COOK's Health Breakfast


Scrambled egg whites

Turkey Bacon



Sugar-free Cereal

Cloud Banner
Off-white Banner
Brown Rice



COOK's Workout

1. Undisclosed location 2. For 1 hour  3. to manage stress

showers and prepares for the day

interesting points

Cook doesn't spend excessive money on clothes and is even known to shop for his briefs at nordstrom's annual sales

Cook takes himself to the local starbucks where he continues reading emails and drinking a coffee before it's time to head to the office

When Tim Cook arrives at apple park the work day truly begins and it shouldn't come as a surprise that a man like Tim Cook has a ton of meetings lined up daily


COOK's lunch

Tim Cook has been known to spend his lunch in the apple park cafeteria where he'll often sit with random apple employees.

interesting points

As a rule Tim Cook is the last person to leave the office. Unless he has somewhere important to be. Then from work he immediately returns home and goes to bed at 8:45 early to sleep early to rise.

He gets his full 7 hours of sleep as recommended by all the most successful ceos. He works a cumulative 12 hours a day.