Touches your Shoulders

It is very easy to misinterpret a simple touch on the shoulder. It can mean a lot of things. She might be comforting you because you seem distressed and wants to assure you that you are okay or going to do well, or maybe she is just letting you know she is there to support you.


Rubbing your Back

Back rubs signify compassion and support, which may not always be romantic. If a woman rubs your back while keeping a slight distance, it means she is simply trying to support you and showing you she has your back.


Putting her Arm around your Arm

Girls tend to lock arms with anyone they feel close to; it indicates a sense of closeness, even if it is as “a friend.” So how do you know she’s not being friendly? When locking arms, people keep a distance to respect other people’s boundaries.


Holding your Hand

When two people hold hands while walking, they mean it more romantically. Unless you are family, then holding hands would be platonic.


Playing with your Hair

Unless it’s your hairdresser, If a girl touches your hair, it not only means she’s into you, but it can also mean she’s trying to get with you.

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