If a man feels like he can’t be himself around you, then it will be difficult for him to fall in love with you. We all have our own beliefs and values, and that’s okay, but it’s important for mento feel like they are accepted – even if you disagree with them on some things.



Men tend to be a little bit more reserved when it comes to showing their emotions. Sometimes it can be hard for them to express themselves and be vulnerable.



A man needs to feel empowered by you. And not just in the sense of feeling like he can protect you and keep you safe. He has to feel that your strength makes him stronger.



This is something that doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it’s important. A man needs to know that he has an important role in your life, and that you’re grateful for him being there, and not just view him as a means to an end, or as a way for you to get what you want.



If you’re trying to woo a man into your life and heart. You need to make sure to give him some space both emotionally and physically. Men don’t like to be smothered or suffocated.

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