Persistent flu

You may experience continuous pain in the throat and feel nauseated. The symptoms usually take a week or two to go away completely. But if you are feeling choked up, even after a long time, it’s best to see your doctor.


Feeling bloated

The water weight makes your regular clothes fit differently. If you’re feeling uncomfortable for a long time then it won’t be a bad idea to visit your doctor.


Sweating a lot

It’s your body’s natural response to physical exertion or too hot and humid climates. But if you are sweating rivers, even when the thermostat is turned down, you need to act quickly.



Chest pains are the cardinal signs of a heart attack. Advanced stages of diabetes are most commonly accompanied by neuropathy. This means your nerves are no longer receptive to stimuli. You may not feel anything after touching something boiling hot or after a needle prick.


Left ARM

This backache is different from the one that you get after sitting at your desk for too long. This is called angina pectoris. These atypical symptoms may or may not be accompanied by chest pain.


Feeling Tired

It could mean something less serious but the probability of a silent heart attack cannot be denied. This tiredness is much different than working through those extra hours at the office or running an extra mile on the treadmill.

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