They are loyal

A loner doesn’t crave hanging out with friends. But when they like someone and develop a true bond with them, they turn out to be fiercely faithful.


They have firm boundaries

Someone who’s self-assured and loves spending time with themselves. These people exercise healthy and firm boundaries. Loners understand the real meaning of space.


They are self-aware

Loners enjoy their own company as they are able to analyze their own thoughts and emotions. This ability to process your own thoughts is like a superpower.


They are level headed

There is a very important skill loners have. One that will make you envy them. I’m talking about their ability to not let outside events, circumstances or conditions affect them.


They are open minded

It’s a big misconception that loners are closed off. In fact, the opposite of this is true. Loners are thinkers willing to look beyond their own versions of the truth.

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