Give & Take

If you find yourself doing things for other people only to get something in return, it’s a sign that you’re being manipulative. The problem is not necessarily with the act itself; but rather, your motive.



You may not realize it, but if you frequently pretend to care about others, their problems, lives, opinions, and feelings, while you don’t really care, you’re likely being manipulative in some way.



You Set the Rules, Then Change Them at a Moment’s Notice. This is a classic manipulation tactic. You want something in a certain way, so you decide to make up rules for others to follow.


Talk Down

If you talk down to people in order to make yourself feel better and gain control over their behavior, this is another sign of manipulation.



Guilt-tripping is a form of manipulation that attacks emotion. It’s when you make someone feel bad about themselves in order to get them to do what you want.

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