Sometimes life itself becomes one of the primary obstacles in relationships. Maybe it’s a new job that demands all of your attention.



Are you communicating enough?. Communication is one of the fundamental relationship issues that couples face. It is essential to take enough time to fully understand what your partner is trying to say.



Another common relationship problem is when a couple is buried by financial issues. Issues like insufficient funds or not knowing how to divide your financial burdens, sudden loss of job, pending debt, and overspending can pressure relationships.


daily chores

Battle of daily chores. Who will do the dishes? Who will take out the trash? Who will go and buy groceries? As stupid as these may sound, disagreements over chores are common long-term relationship problems.



Cheating is a massive issue. The internet has made cheating as simple as downloading an app. Sexting, porn, emotional affairs, sneaking around, and casual physical relationships with someone other than your romantic partner are all huge problems that can destroy the best and longest relationships in no time.

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