You’re Starting to Question Things. It can be scary to realize that some of the things you’ve believed in all along, might not be true. But sometimes it’s necessary in order to grow as an individual and even to help others along their paths.



Your Perspective is Changing. It’s not always easy to see the change in yourself. We’re all used to thinking of ourselves as fixed beings with a set identity and set ways of doing things.



You Are Starting to See Your Own Dark Side. We all have a dark side; that part of us that we try to hide from others and even ourselves. Sometimes it’s because we’re afraid of what people will think.



You’re Less Judgmental of Others. We all have our opinions, and they are important to us. And of course, we have the right to those opinions, but what makes us human is that we can change our views when presented with new information.



You Recognize Your Own Role in Past Conflicts. For most people, it can be hard to admit when they make mistakes, especially when those mistakes have caused other people pain. But it’s important to take responsibility for our actions, even if they were unintentional.

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