We Love Movies – Legal/Illegal Downloads

We all love movies, discuss a lot about them and cannot pass a day without listening to songs or without watching movie clips or short films or web series. We download movies from various websites.

During 90’s & early 20’s people used to watch movies in theaters or on TV. But for the past few years there is increase in watching movies on small screens like mobiles, laptops & tablets. There are few official websites or apps which buy the digital rights of the movie and serve to people on demand or for free.

Along with these websites there are few websites which provide both low & high quality videos of the movies without buying the digital rights. Government and movie producers are trying their best to stop these distribution of the content.

How Indians like to watch movies?

These days the percentage of people watching movies in theaters is very less. People are happy to wait and watch either on TV or through few websites like HotStar, Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Zee etc.,

But there is a large section of people who watch movies by downloading or streaming from websites which doesn’t have permission to host the movies. Check out the below trends taken between Jul-2018 & Jul-2019.

Trends from India.
Comparison between the search terms.

This is not just the case of Indians who are living in India. Check the trends from all over the world.

Trends from all over the world.
Comparison between the search terms.
Countrymovierulztamil rockers
United Arab Emirates92%8%
Saudi Arabia88%12%
United States98%2%
United Kingdom93%7%

There might be various reasons for people opting for these sites over movie theater. Cost of a movie ticket is the main reason. The prices are pretty high these days. Other reasons are saving travel time, saving petrol/diesel and saving money on food items.

People who are hosting the content without permission might say “there is demand for the content so we are supplying it”. People might say “we are getting content for free so we are watching”.

If people don’t watch movies in theater they loose the cinematic large scale experience and it results in less profits/loss to people who invest on movies. Its up to individual to decide from where to download movies.