VSCO Girl – Complete Guide

VSCO – Stands for Visual Supply Company. They build creative tools that help people to be more creative and expressive. Started in 2011, they have launched their app in 2012. VSCO has $90m in funding from top investors including Accel Partners, Glynn Capital, and Obvious Ventures. By 2018 they have over 2 million VSCO members. Most users are under 25 years age.


App lets you edit photos and videos with various preset templates. They have also member subscription. App is famous for vintage effects and encourages you to share your content with #VSCO so that you might get chance to be in feature content. App doesn’t allow users to follow, like or comment. They want you to express your feelings without any inhibitions.

What is VSCO Girl?

After the launch of the app, teens started posting their selfie pictures on various platforms. 90’s looks were instant hit. Slowly it has became a fashion trend. VSCO trend doesn’t restrict you to any set of fashion rules. You can wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

You can wear loose-fitting, easy going, over sized tops, tops with quotes to save environment and with colorful hair bands. This type of style is often called as laid back, relaxed style.

What Do VSCO Girls Wear?

Teens mostly wear shots and long tops, sometimes that cover till their shots length. They mostly use foot wear from Crocs, Birkenstocks and Vans and even decorate their foot wear with paints and other stickers. They wear colorful head bands, bracelets and necklaces. Pura Vida bracelets and hand made Puka Shell chokers are popular accessories.

VSCO Girls carry a back pack and Hydro Flask water bottles with them. Bottles and bags are decorated with stickers and slogans. They have low maintenance when it comes to hair. They either make a bun or leave it loose.

VSCO Girls don’t change their clothing or accessory brands frequently. Famous brands are Nike, Urban Outfitters and few others.

How To Become a VSCO Girl?

Relax and just decorate yourself with all the accessories you want. Don’t think much about what people might think about you. Wear bright colors, add stickers to your accessories, less make up or no make up. If you are ready to face millions of people without hesitation then you can become VSCO girl easily. Take photos with VSCO app or use Polaroid cameras.

Is it Good or Bad to be a VSCO Girl

Don’t get addicted to this trend. You might start spending more on new clothes and accessories. Don’t burn your pockets. Take up with VSCO girl activity during your free time so that you can be more relaxed and look different. There are few VSCO Girls who can afford expensive things and they try to create some rules, do not fall for them. VSCO main purpose is to live on your own terms and express yourself.

Don’t force anyone to do things which they cannot afford. Be casual and try different looks, which you normally don’t do daily. If you can control your expenses for VSCO fashion then there is no harm in following the trend.

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