Two Important Things In Life

Two important things in life – Learn and Earn Money

Very few of the students have proper plans for the future. Most of the students lack guidance in streamlining their future. They go with the flow of the society, they join the same school or college where their friends join. They spend each day as it comes, no one tells that them life revolves around two main things, Learn & Earn Money.

Learn For Life

Knowingly or unknowingly we learn many things in life. We practice few things, learn from others, learn from the books we read and the situations we face. It is a never ending process. Whether the things we learn helps us in our daily life for our happiness or not depends on what we learn.

During school time we learn about basic needs for future. We start creating relationships with strangers, we start to learn to be competitive. We excel at few aspects based on our interests and results. These results will drive us through the next stage of life.

Your whole life depends on the decisions you make after school. Life moves towards making money. Money making becomes the central part of your life. We revolve around it all through our life. Some might disagree that they are not money minded or they are not living just for money. Here the point is the need of money to buy basic things for survival. Though you are not interested in materialistic things we need some amount of money for our survival.

This need of survival drives us to earn money.

Earn Money

Pause your life for a second and ask these two questions to yourself – What am I doing today? and Why I have to do? If you are a student then your primary task in your day will be go to school or college and gain knowledge and also good marks for future. Working men & women will work on the tasks assigned to them, learn few new things (if possible) and get salary at the end of the month. Same applies to business heads, they make decisions to make more money.

People who are not into earning money might be taking care of others who are working, like house wives. They create an environment where the working people can have better life at work and within the family. They do learn new things over a period of time and pass their knowledge to their offsprings.

Final Thoughts

We cannot survive without learning new things and without having money. People might have goals to invent or to create a method or process or an object. In order to do all these they need proper knowledge and energy to survive. You get your knowledge from your learning and energy from the food items you buy.

The world revolves around buying and selling. Go to a street, you will find atleast one – grocery shop, rented building, service shop, medical store, hospital, restuarant, food stall, vegetable shop, flower shop. All these are available so that your life runs smoothly. No one will give any item or do any service for you for free in these shops.

Learn for knowledge & marks/ratings, Earn for survival. Live and let live others happily. Make your kids to understand the importance of learning and the value of money for their life.