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Topic – DeepFake Applications and Identifying DeepFakes

DeepFake – Mimicking fakes with superimposed video. While still an evolving technology – are already good enough to fool an unwitting viewer to a reasonable degree. If this technology can be applied in real-time and coupled with advanced audio fakes, there is the potential that you might one day find yourself in a video conference call with someone you think is your CEO but is actually an attacker. The technology is not quite there yet, but before long it may result in a very effective attack vector.

Generative fakes with synthesized video have the most potential to have serious implications. If used for nefarious purposes given the technology creates fake content. It could convincingly have almost anyone saying and doing almost anything. 

Think of the impact that the abuse of fake social media accounts has had on the success. Success of malicious state-sponsored disinformation and influence campaigns in recent years. Then imagine it’s not just mono-dimensional sock puppet personas inundating media channels. But dynamic manifestations of what appear to be real people saying and doing real things.

Then consider the implications a convincing deepfake video of a high-profile figure. Like the one above going uncontrollably viral on the Internet could have on public safety or geopolitical relations. The potential for real harm is significant.

Identifying Deepfake

As for video deepfakes, at this point they generally have a perceivable “artificial quality” to them. Even really well-executed fakes such as the video above. The best weapon we humans have for determining if a video is a deepfake for now is for us to learn to recognize. And acknowledge that uneasy feeling that what we’re looking at doesn’t feel real and is somewhat alien. This “uncanny valley” is the key to unraveling fakes – they just feel wrong intuitively.

But as these technologies improve, it’s clear that more than human intuition will be required to make a solid determination on authenticity. And it may be the case that it is simply not going to be possible without the creators of the technologies or the fakes themselves intentionally leaving an indicator of some sort, like a virtual watermark.

Either way, deepfakes and our ability to ensure they cannot be utilized maliciously, are definitely a subject worthy of further discussion before the technology advances to the point where we can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

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