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Top Gaming Mouse List 2020

Here is the list of top gaming mouse categorized into various groups. Let’s name the groups as List A, B, C, D & E. Each of the gaming mouse will be placed in one the categories. List A contains the top performing gaming mouse. List E contains good but not best.

Glorious Model O Wireless Gaming Mouse – $80

It goes into List A. Because it is ambidextrous shaped. This deserves special mention because of its pricing, $80. Because of the pricing and because of how good the performance is, it dererves List A. This is a company that listens to their fan base, they listen to gamers and they kind of pick out what is important, what is unimportant and they make their products based on seemingly user feedback.

Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse – $130

This was done so well and unlike their copycat child the Basilisk mouse. This was their own original idea. Awesome mouse and it fits perfectly. Awesome performance, great color and good skates. This is clearly a List A product.

Logitech G203 Lightsync – $40

This is an excellent mouse. It’s on sale for like 20 bucks right now, during the holiday season. This is a very inexpensive mouse. Excellent sensor, great performance and a lot of professional gamers used to use this mouse. This goes into List B.

Pwnage Ultra Custom – $100

It goes into List B. It’s a really good mouse. It is a curvy shaped mouse and it is a pretty big mouse. This mouse would be more popular if they spent more money on marketing. If they did, this would be a really popular mouse. It has a crazy amount of customizability, you can pop off the back plate. And switch it out to like the honeycomb material if you want to reduce the
weight and have different colors. It’s a solid mouse, it deserves to be in List A, because of the shape it’s an List B. Wish the software was less ugly, it looks really cheap.

Logitech G Pro X Superlight – $150

It is a super light and it is super popular. Most people prefer it to be placed in top List A but it goes into List B. Because it is a micro usb based mouse. It should have USB-C like so many other logitech devices. This is their high-end like premium gaming mouse. It’s a really good mouse.

Glorious Model D Wired – $50

The new wired mouse for this year. It goes into List C because of it’s shape. It is really good at performance but because I don’t love the curve shape it goes into List C. If you like curve shaped then it probably goes to List B.

Cooler Master M71 – $60

It’s a List C mouse, it should be an List B if they tweaked a couple things. It is a glossy one instead of matte. Glossy plastic becomes slippery over the period of game play.

Steelseries Aerox 3 Gaming Mouse – $100

It goes into List C. This should have been a better mouse. This was a excellent idea of a mouse like they they got a lot of stuff right. It got the capability to be placed in List A or B but they screwed up on one really big thing with this mouse. It was the feet so these feet are terrible like the skates on the mouse. If you are into gaming mice you’ll understand the the kind of importance of good skates. The hardware is fantastic. It’s just they really screwed up the the skates on this.

Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro – $130

This mouse goes into List C. It’s a very generic high quality wireless mouse. If I’m not mistaken at least razer markets it to be the world’s most popular gaming mouse. Because it’s you know they’ve sold Millions of these things because it’s such an old shape. This is a really large mouse. It’s a solid List C.

Razer Basilisk Gaming Mouse

They have both wired and wireless versions. They copied the Logitech G502, it was a very popular mouse at the time. Because it was doing so well and many people enjoyed using that mouse, they straight up copied the shape of the G502. And they called it the basilisk. Razer did a better job with the shape than logitech did. It’s a good mouse. It’s technically a very good mouse but it’s spawned from thievery. So just because it was a copied version it goes into List D.

Zephyr Gaming Mouse – $100

It was a mouse that had a fan built into it and the idea of it sounds cool. A mouse that has a fan to blow cool air onto your palm while you’re gaming gets rid of the sweat. It’s a great idea except it was so poorly implemented. This is a very loud fan , it’s got vibration when you’re playing games. And if you just crank up the fan and you don’t even move the mouse it’ll move like the mouse just sitting there. It goes into List E.