5G Technology Myths

Top 5 Myths About 5G Technology

5G Technology – Every new generation of wireless communication gives better speed to the consumers. Though they require higher frequencies the end results matters the most. We all are surrounded with invisible radio waves which raise questions w.r.t health of users and other living things.

There is no doubt that 5G requires better infrastructure and it needs to be operated with a specific wavelength. Here are few top 5 myths or concerns that consumers have about 5G.

Is 5G Technology bad for your health?

5G Technology
5G Technology

5G isn’t bad for your health. There’s a lot of concern because we use the word radiation when we talk about 5G. 5G uses a different wavelength. It’s not a wavelength that’s called ionizing radiation. It can’t disrupt your cells in the way that too much exposure to sunlight can. If you want to stay healthy around radiation wear sunscreen.

Why is 5G banned in some places?

The people banning it aren’t necessarily connected to the evidence. And their priorities are more reassuring their constituencies. If you’re not very favour with the science it’s understandable why you might be scared. But getting to grips with the evidence and knowing that it doesn’t harm you is a really important.

Will 5G give tech companies the ability to spy on us?

Big tech companies already spy on us. If you have a mobile phone that you carry around that’s effectively spying on you. If you use Google Maps, if you use Android, even if you use Apple applications and devices are already tracking you. So 5G isn’t going to bring anything additional to that party.

Will 5G ruin environment?

We have already a lot of things in our environment that are man made. We have electricity pylons, we have wind turbines, we have buildings, we have street lamps but this is in addition to that is already built in our environment. Obviously anything new is going to feel quite jarring. But we’ll get used to it and we’re not putting it in absolutely pristine places.

Is 5G killing bees?

5G isn’t killing bees. There is quite a lot of concern about colony collapse. And in some ways we don’t know what’s going on with that. But we do know that 5G isn’t the problem again because there’s no mechanism for 5G to harm bees.

Is 5G Technology really worth it?

5G is going to give us, as a consumers a lot more connectivity. So your phone will be faster, you’ll be able to stream video more quickly without buffering. More broadly 5G is going to deliver a much more connected world. Instead of things talking to each other and to the cloud they’ll be able to talk across devices. For example cars will be able to feedback traffic information between each other in real-time. There’s lots good coming from 5G.

Every new technology may create fears initially but once we start using you can enjoy it’s benefits. Now a days companies are working hard to have less impact on our environment. Hope 5G Technology brings speed and happiness to our lives without impacting our environment.