Relationship Goals

Top 5 Best Things Happen For Being In a Relationship

Share Anything

We cannot share everything with everyone. Few things we share with friends which we cannot share with parents. Some the issues we share with our relatives. Deep down everyone will have few things which they hide from parents, friends and relatives. All these things can be shared with the person we are in relationship with. We get the space and freedom to share with the loved one. They might tease us few times but they will take care of our feelings when we share with them.

Reduce Pain

If we get into an argument with parents then we might share with friends or relatives. Or if we are having arguments with one of our friend then we can share with another friend to reduce the burden and to find a solution. Friends, family members and relatives sometimes help us in sharing our pain but at times they will aggregate the issue either knowingly or unknowningly. There will be one person who helps us to share the burden of our thoughts and share the pain/problems with them. He/She will be available for us at all times to bring back the smiles to us.

Knowledge Sharing

Have you ever faced a situation when you hesitated to ask about something with your family members or friends or relatvies? During those times you can ask the person who is in relationship with you. You don’t feel shy or feel any kind of hesitation to ask that person, because you know that how small it may be the person will be ready all the times to help you. You can discuss on any topic at any extent.

Real world Experience

Since childhood our parents, relatives or siblings tell us what to do and what not to do. When we reach teenage our friends will take care of our wellbeing as much as possible. Family members and friends will tell us to take care when we go out. Sometimes they won’t be able to tell us how bad the real outside world is. They might feel that why to create tension in you or they might think you are grown up and you might know everything.

But the person with whom you are in relationship will explain you all the things that are happening outside. There will be situations where we have to travel alone or stay alone in a place. During those situations the information, suggestions that were given by our loved one will help a lot. They boost our confidence to stay strong.

Missing and Value of the person

Most of us spend our school and college time with family members. They are available to us all the time. Friends will be available for us in school and college campus. We rarely miss our friends because they are available to us over call or message or through direct meetings. We will face few situations when we feel lonely even when are surrounded by our family members or friends. At those times we need our person to be beside us. We really will understand the feeling of MISSING. We just feel that we need our person in our arms and hold them tight.

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