Failed Products

Top 10 Failed Products Of Big Companies

Every big company faced a situation where their products failed in the market. Here is the list of failed products from very well known big companies.

Microsoft’s Bob

It’s an Microsoft’s user friendly interface but it was taken down after 1 year of the launch. Actually it was not the mistake of Microsoft but there was no proper hardware to run the Bob software. During those days Microsoft was just a software company. The hardware companies couldn’t build a proper hardware to handle Bob. Actually it was an advanced software for those times.

Apple’s Newton

Every company will have their bad phase. For Apple its their product Newton. Newton is like a tablet based product. But it failed in the market due to its high price ~$800 and bulky body. But Steve jobs didn’t loose hope in the tablet segment and launched the iPad.

New Coca Cola

It was the time when Pepsi was giving tough competition. In the blind taste test people liked Pepsi. In order to regain it’s customers Coca Cola launched a new product but it didn’t work out. People didn’t like it. Finally they went back to their old Coca Cola but changed their marketing strategies.

Nitendo Virtual Boy

Nitendo expected that people will go mad in virtual reality environment when they use it. But it didn’t happen, because of its poor game resolution and color quality. People felt that normal PC games are much better than this virtual reality set up. They stopped the device after selling out 1 Million devices. This is the biggest flop till date from Nitendo.

Microsoft’s Zune

Microsoft thought that Zune will give tough competition to Apple’s iPod and they expected that it will replace iPod in the market. It failed miserably because of 3 main reasons. 1. Improper release timing 2. Lack of innovation & 3. Insufficient Marketing. Zune was launched (2006) after many years of iPod and got discontinued in 2012. Interesting fact is that you can still buy it from eBay.

Google’s Lively

It is an web based virtual environment where users can interact with each other. Fact if that it’s an copy of “Second Life”. Google launched this service in July 2008 and discontinued December 2008. Within 5 months Google realized that their service was not doing good.

Netflix’s Qwikster

In 2008 Netflix has announced that they will deliver DVD via mail with a new brand name as Qwikster. CEO of Netflix has faced severe criticism due to this. Within few days of the announcement CEO has taken back his decision and cancelled the launch.

Facebook’s Home

It acts as your Smartphone’s Home screen unfortunately it failed. Many people didn’t like to have Facebook feed as their home screen. It also used to drain battery and use a lot of mobile data. People got annoyed due to its frequent notifications and popups of Facebook feed.

Amazon’s Fire Phone

Fire was released in July 2014 and stopped in August 2015. It was an Android based smartphone and got a good selling point which is its 3D scanning but performance is very bad. It didn’t get good reviews from customers so finally was taken down.

World Famous Samsung’s Note 7 – The Bomb

Note 7 was released in 2016 with great expectations. Huge pre-orders were placed by the users to grab it. But within a month users started facing battery issues. Phone used to get over heated, caught fire and even sometimes explode. People started sharing the catching fire videos and it became viral. Samsung finally recalled all the devices and even returned the money to its customers. After a month of its launch Samsung sent cardboard safety boxes to the customers so that they can deliver the phone back to Samsung facility.

All these failed products taught lessons to the world. And they helped the companies to come up with better products and strategies.