COVID19 Online Scam

Tips To Avoid COVID‑19 Online Scams

Online Scam – As of late, there has been a noteworthy increase in online scams identified with COVID‑19. These tips will assist you with spotting and maintain a strategic distance from these scams. So that you can remain more secure on the web.

Types of COVID‑19 scams

Stealing Your Data

Scammers might ask for your information to help you with COVID-19 insurance or might offer you some money during this crisis. Never reply to those emails or messages. Do not click on any links that are from unknown people.

Offers On Goods and Services

As everyone is under lock down, these scammers will try to contact you offering you fake offers or subscriptions. Don’t try to avail those services.

Fake Identity

They might knock your web door saying that they are from Government Department. No Government is collecting personal information. Please be careful.

Fraud Medical Offers

Don’t buy masks, sanitizers from unknown people. Buy them directly from medical stores.

Fake Donations

Do not make any donations unless you verify the organisation. Cross check with the organisation for more details before making any donation for Corona virus.

Fake VPN’s

Many of the employees are working from home. They are using VPN’s to complete their work. Do not download any VPN that might seem like an official. Check with your Admin Team to get link of a safe VPN that is approved by your company.

How Scammers Contact You

Scammers can contact you through emails or messages. They will include information about COVID-19 in the communication text to make you believe. They might also contact you through advertisements and automated calls.

Example – Scam e-mail of COVID-19

Do not share your personal information with anyone via online. Do not click on any link. Even if your friends or family members share a link do not click on it blindly. Open the link in incognito mode or in private browser. Don’t provide any information on websites that are offering money or accepting donations for COVID-19.

If you see something suspicious, report it to or to avoid online scam.