TikTok – What data does TikTok collect with and without your permission?

Similar to any other service provider TikTok also collects some of our data. They use the data for various purposes. Some of the data helps them to improve their services or help the users. What data does TikTok collect from us? TikTok is the platform created by the ByteDance company.

What information do TikTok collect?

  • They collect information when you create an account and use the Platform.
  • They also collect information you share with them from third-party social network providers, and technical and behavioral information about your use of the Platform.
  • TikTok also collects information contained in the messages you send through TikTok.
  • If you grant access they also collect information from your phone book.

Information you provide to TikTok

  • Registration information, such as age, username and password, language, and email or phone number.
  • Profile information, such as name, social media account information, and profile image.
  • User-generated content, including comments, photographs, videos, and virtual item videos that you choose to upload or broadcast on the Platform.
  • Payment information, such as PayPal or other third-party payment information (where required for the purpose of payment).
  • Your phone and social network contacts, with your permission. If you choose to find other users through your phone contacts, they will access and collect the names and phone numbers and match that information against existing users of the Platform. If you choose to find other users through your social network contacts, they will collect your public profile information as well as names and profiles of your social contacts.
  • Your opt-in choices and communication preferences.
  • Information to verify an account.
  • Information in correspondence you send to them.
  • And Information you share through surveys or your participation in challenges, sweepstakes, or contests such as your gender, age, likeness, and preferences.

Information that others provide about you to TikTok

  • Social Media – If you choose to link or sign up using your social network (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google), they may collect information from these social media services, including your contact lists for these services and information relating to your use of the Platform in relation to these services.
  • Third-Party Services – They may collect information about you from third-party services, such as advertising partners and analytics providers.
  • Others Users of the Platform – Sometimes other users of the Platform may provide information about you, including through customer service inquiries.
  • Other Sources – They may collect information about you from other publicly available sources.

Information TikTok collects without much of your knowledge

They automatically collect certain information from you when you use the Platform, including internet or other network activity information such as your IP address, geolocation-related data, unique device identifiers, browsing and search history (including content you have viewed in the Platform), and Cookies.

Usage Information – They collect information regarding your use of the Platform and any other User Content that you generate through and broadcast on their Platform. They also link your subscriber information with your activity across all your devices using your email, phone number, or similar information.

Device Information – They collect information about the device you use to access the Platform, including your IP address, unique device identifiers, model of your device, your mobile carrier, time zone setting, screen resolution, operating system, app and file names and types, keystroke patterns or rhythms, and platform.

Location data – They collect information about your location, including location information based on your SIM card and/or IP address. With your permission, they may also collect Global Positioning System (GPS) data.

Messages – They collect and process, which includes scanning and analyzing. Information you provide in the context of composing, sending, or receiving messages through the Platform’s messaging functionality. That information includes the content of the message and information about when the message has been sent, received and/or read, as well as the participants of the communication.


When you upload User Content, you automatically upload certain metadata that is connected to the User Content. Metadata describes other data and provides information about your User Content that will not always be evident to the viewer. It can describe how, when, and by whom the piece of User Content was collected and how that content is formatted. It also includes information, such as your account name. That enables other users to trace back the User Content to your user account. Additionally, metadata will consist of data that you chose to provide with your User Content, e.g. any hashtags used to mark keywords to the video and captions.

How TikTok uses your data?

TikTok uses the information about you to provide service, customize the platform and to send you promotional content. They also use the data for research and analysis, to serve you better ads. To understand your behavior on the app, to detect fraud and abuse and many more.

Is your data safe with TikTok?

TikTok says that the data servers are located in U.S and Singapore, they are safe and secure. But the parent company ByteDance data is located in China. As per China’s law any individual or organization should provide the requested data when asked. So we are not sure what data the Chinese government might ask and what data does TikTok provide them.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t share your private photos, videos, bank details on any of the social networks. Be Safe.