TikTok Influencers

TikTok Influencers Turn Actors

Many TikTok influencers are taking on acting roles in movies and web series to cash in on their popularity. Faizal Shaikh and Ruhi Singh – two popular faces – have been signed up for ALTBalaji’s ‘Bang Baang – The Sound of Crimes’. While Sachin Tiwari from UP is in a film based on the life of Sushant Singh Rajput. TikToker Vishal Parekh is making his screen debut in a Gujarati web show. These influencers are easily recognizable amongst online audiences, especially the youth. And befit the entertainment industry’s approach towards more realistic roles.

Challenges ahead for TikTok Influencers

Acting in a 60 second video and acting in a 30 minute episode are different from each other. Working in a web series, movie or short film require different set of skills, with multiple emotions and consistency to justify the character throughout the series. Merely being popular among few lakhs of population can’t be the assurance of there success. While on flip side it is really great that they have it to the web series. As viewer, we will get something different to see.

How Much These Influencers Earn?

A influencer earns ~5X more from a branded post on YouTube vs TikTok, as more investment is required to create the former. Influencers have created a universe for themselves across categories on YouTube and Instagram over the years. ~10,000 creators make money off branded content on these platforms. On TikTok India, brand promos had just started, roping in the top ~100 creators.

#TikTokBan is a major setback to Indian creators, but it is more emotional than just financial. Looked at the numbers below from ET.