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Things Women Hate In Relationship. Be Careful

Breakups are hard. And they are a lot harder when it hits you out of nowhere. It’s like you were having a great time and then WHAM, you’re single. But do breakups really happen all of a sudden? Aren’t there signs? Here are the few things that women hate about their partner.


  • You smell bad
  • You force your choices on her
  • Forgot her birthday
  • You didn’t congratulate her on her promotion
  • You force your opinions and lifestyle on her
  • Both aren’t into the same things
  • You are way too picky about food
  • You get wasted too often
  • Playing video games all the time
  • You get angry often
  • He doesn’t make his bed

Women Hate If You smell bad

Do you take care of yourself? Do you brush and bathe daily? It is easy to skip bathing sometimes due to laziness. But if you want your girlfriend to stay with you forever, you might want to change this. Men who smell bad have an equally bad chance at dating. You’ve got to ask yourself, would you ever want to kiss someone with bad breath? Would you hug someone who smells like gross sweat? Smelling bad is like asking to be dumped. Maintain good hygiene by bathing daily. Trim your nails and nose hair. Use a good quality deodorant. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily. It will keep you in good health.

You force your choices on her

This trait is not easy to spot. When you’re always forcing people to go along with what you want, you might not even realize it. Do you always think you’re correct? Do you always prioritize yourself instead of compromising for your friends and family? Let’s put things into perspective. So you and your girlfriend are stepping out for dinner. She wants to go to a Chinese restaurant while you want to Mexican food. What will you both decide? Will you make a deal? Or will you force them to go with you to your Mexican restaurant. People in general can’t stand when you don’t want to compromise. It’s either your way or the highway. You’re only setting her up for resentment in the future. Say goodbye to your relationship.

Women Hate If You forgot her birthday

Forgetting your partner’s birthday is a BIG mistake. Unless you have genuine reasons. But if you’re going to say you were too busy to buy her a gift, you’re looking to get dumped. Forgetting your girlfriend’s birthday tells her you don’t value her. That you don’t consider her special enough to remember her day. It is never about the gifts. It’s the thought and feelings behind them that count.

You didn’t congratulate her on her promotion

Did you congratulate her, or tell her how proud you are of her achievements? Do you take interest in her career? There is nothing more hurtful than your partner ignoring your success. We all want to share our happiness with people we love. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel appreciated and valued, she is going to leave you.

You force your opinions and lifestyle on her

So you want her to eat more meat because you love steak? Or you want her to adopt a plant-based lifestyle because you follow the same? Well it’s one thing if she willingly takes interest in your lifestyle and adopts it. But if you want her to embrace your opinions and lifestyle, you will soon be single again. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean she isn’t an individual anymore. Do not expect her to agree with all your opinions. She is her own person. Show her you care for her. Take interest in her lifestyle if you want her to do the same for you. Whichever way you both decide to go, remember no imposing. Only love, compromise, and embracing each other’s opinions.

You aren’t into the same things

It’s true that opposites attract. But only for a while. Eventually, you look for similarities and middle ground. Does she have different taste than you in almost every department? Maybe she’s a big Harry Potter fan, while you like Lord of the Rings. If these differences continue, you won’t last long.

You are way too picky about food

We all have our tastes and preferences. Some like pineapples on their pizza while others are normal. Kidding… but you do get the gist. We all have our own thing. But if you’re way too picky about food, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. If your girlfriend’s a foodie, this is the biggest red flag for her. Women don’t like men who are too picky about what they eat. And if your meals include only junk food, god help you. It’s really difficult to live with someone who eats fried nuggets all the time. This means you both can’t enjoy experimenting with foods and trying new cuisines. My food loving brain just can’t imagine being with someone like that. Food taste is a huge part of the deal.

You get wasted too often

Alcohol is fun. It helps you unwind for the day or have fun at parties. But it’s also addictive. It starts with partying, proceeds to partying too much, and ends up with you becoming an alcoholic. That is if you’re not careful. If you’re getting wasted too often, you might be heading towards a breakup. Women have razor sharp intuition and an incredible eye for detail. They can see a problem miles before it hits them. Call it years of memories built in their collective subconscious, but women can spot an alcoholic from a mile away.

And they like to be safe in a relationship, both physically and emotionally. Even if you aren’t becoming an alcoholic, we’d still like to be safe. Heavy drinking can lead her to breaking up with you. Nobody wants to waste all their time being intoxicated. There are so many experiences to be had. New places to be seen. New cuisines to be eaten. You cannot do all these if you’re boozing every weekend. Life is to be enjoyed, not wasted!

Women Hate If You play video games all the time

Another red flag women can spot from a mile away! Video games are fun, but only when you do them every now and then. Otherwise, you are heading for a break up. Ask yourself. Would you like to live with someone who plays video games all the time? Or has no time for you? No tidying up the place or helping with chores? It’s just you doing all the work, while your partner is glued to the Playstation. Your partner wants to spend quality time with you. And if your video games take over, be ready to say goodbye.

Video game addiction is real and can mess up your life and career. If you’re one of these people, try and get help. There are psychologists and therapists these days who are experts in helping people deal with their video game addiction.

Women Hate If You get angry often

Are you quick to respond with anger? It’s a genuine human emotion. We all feel angry at times. In fact, it’s important to express your anger in healthy ways for your emotional and physical health. But if your first response to the slightest inconvenience is anger, you are in for relationship troubles. Your girlfriend will one day get tired of putting up with your anger. Even if it isn’t directed at her, nobody wants to be around unpleasant people who lash out at the drop of a hat.

He doesn’t make his bed

Not making your bed seems to be such a silly issue. Who cares, right? Everybody, that’s who! If you aren’t making your bed, who’s going to do it every day? In case there is nobody to do it for you, how will your bedroom look in just a few weeks? Imagine bringing your date home to an unclean apartment, or even worse, an unclean bedroom!