The Female Gladiators – Did they exist?

When it comes to ancient Rome, then the gladiator was held in high regard and the top fighters were famous across civilization. Even today, there is something about them, thanks to various movies and TV shows that depict them in various lights.

However, in all of those shows or movies, they seem to miss out one thing that also existed and yet is almost completely missing from history, the female gladiator.

The female gladiator was known as a Gladiatrix, and her role was the exact same as her male counterparts. They were also held in high regard. And they would be fighting one another as well as wild animals in order to entertain the crowds.

It is unknown as to why they exactly fell from grace or have had substantially less coverage. It was even seen by many as being a legend that they existed rather than being the truth. However, new research has shown that this is indeed true.

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