Test WIFI Speed

Test WIFI Speed РInternet users will be trying to find out how fast internet is in the home or offices. Internet service providers tell the speed as X but the speed that comes is not the same. In the statement, if it would provide internet at a speed of 100 Mbps, it would actually be 50 Mbps or 60 MBps. Are you sure you want to know the Internet speed you are receiving in such cases? Precautions to be taken to determine the speed of WiFi…

Check the testing tool

You might have doubt that which tool to be used to know the speed of Internet/WiFi. Internet service providers like ‘Cam cast’ say that speed can be determined by their own tool. Use Fast.com of Netflix to know the speed of WiFi when it comes to TV streaming.

Test only once?

The speed should not be diagnosed with just one test. To gauge the correct speed, you need to test the speed three times at different times. The speed should be determined based on the average of the results in these three Tests. Because some situations may not come at another time with the internet speed coming at one time. To find the speed of data through WiFi, you need to have a speed diagnosis test in the right place. There should be no accessories that crate glitches to the WiFi signal in that place. Select the area where you get full signal from the router.

At the right time

Internet speed also depends on how many users are using it. There are chances that speed might reduce with many people connect to WIFI at same time. This time is not right for you to know the speed of WiFi. For example, if all the members of the house are connected in that WiFi area, there is a possibility that the speed that usually comes at that time is less.

While downloading

Videos and other files should not be kept in the download while testing the speed. If the router has more connections, it will affect the bandwidth related to data speed. This might reduce the speed of WiFi. So be careful not to have any downloads from the devices connected to the router before doing the WiFi test. You must reboot your computer before knowing the speed. No other applications and programs should be run on your computer while testing.