Struck by lightning 7 times and lived

Lightning is pretty impressive to watch. The way in which those bolts either shoot across the sky or down to the ground is quite surreal. However, the one thing that you certainly never want to happen is to be caught outside when there is lightning around, as there is every chance that you could be unfortunate enough to be hit.

Now, being hit by lightning can kill, and for most people that will sadly be the case. Well, that is perhaps not entirely true if your name is Roy C. Sullivan.

Roy was a U.S Park Ranger who was certainly proud of his job. Of course, it meant being outside a lot of the time, so it would inevitably lead to him being in nature when a storm struck. For some, this would not be a problem, but it appears that Roy had an unfortunate ability to attract a storm and turn himself into a lightning conductor.

Yep, Roy was actually struck by lightning a staggering seven times and lived to tell the tale. This happened between 1942 and 1977, and considering the chances of being killed with one strike are pretty high, then to survive seven different occasions is just astonishing.

Do you think that Roy would glow in the dark after all of that?