Spy Cat by CIA

Spies have constantly tried to find new ways to listen in on their enemy, and you have to admit that they can have some genius ideas that are able to give them an advantage. However, there are moments where they come up short and you wonder about the sanity of the individuals that are involved.

Take a 1960s plot by the CIA as a prime example. This was obviously in the middle of the Cold War, where trying to get any information on the Russians and inside the Kremlin was always going to be their number one priority. So, what did they come up with?

Rather surprisingly, they came up with the idea of using cats, but this was no normal approach to spying. Their aim was to implant an antenna, microphone, and batteries inside the cat in a program that was called Acoustic Kitty. Yes, there was an idea to turn a cat into a spying machine and then send it into the Kremlin or Russian Embassies to see what it could pick up.

Perhaps it does not come as a surprise to discover that the plan was a failure.