Signs you are feeling insecure about yourself

Do you find yourself feeling short on confidence every now and then? What about self-doubt? Do you think that you don’t deserve long-lasting love or that one day your partner will inevitably leave you? You are not alone. Most of us tend to doubt ourselves on a regular basis regarding personality intelligence or looks this is what feeling insecure broadly means.

Social anxiety and loneliness are normal behaviors that are seen as confident actually hint towards self-doubt and personal insecurities. Sometimes you could be insecure of yourself and not even know about it. Let’s check the eight signs you are insecure about yourself.

Always the center of attention

Surprised!? We normally associate individuals who love being the center of attention as being confident. However people who seek attention or only feel good when they’re at the center of attention are insecure about themselves. And in some cases may also have low self-esteem. This happens because deep down you may feel like your opinions and approval are not enough and you need other people’s reassurance to truly believe that you are good enough.

This is just one sign to show that you have some insecurity issues. It’s a basic human thing to want to feel loved accepted and approved for your actions and thinking. But you can’t take it too far especially when it comes to seeking attention. Have you ever come across an attention seeker?

You are a constant people pleaser

Do you have the habit of always putting yourself last? Have you always let other people decide where you want to go, what movie to watch or where to eat? This is a definite sign of deep-seated insecurities. It may start off with small things that may not seem like a big deal until you’re taking up some major life-changing decisions. Like buying a house whether to have kids or not or career opportunities. This behavior is a common thread among people who are anxious or may have a long history of past traumas resulting in current insecurities. People pleasers are also said to make some bad life decisions when their insecurity gets in the way. Since they lack the ability to stand their ground.

You put others down

This may come as a shock but if you’re insecure about yourself, then you tend to be little others. This stems from a lack of confidence in you. You may say or do things that the other person may not have the confidence to do but that doesn’t mean you’re a secure person. Although insecurity may not be the main reason behind putting other people down. A lot of people do make insensitive comments just to feed their ego. You need to recognize this pattern of behavior and put it to an end. It’s toxic for you and the people you care about. Your insecurities may make you feel inadequate but responding through results is problematic and very immature.

Bragging about yourself

Showcasing your accomplishments is a clear sign of some deep insecurity. You may be harboring if you constantly brag about yourself. Your personality could be bordering on an inferiority complex which has you setting very high and sometimes unreasonable standards. A simple conversation with someone like this will encourage you to do something called a humble brag which is a subtle brag that seems like self-deprecation. When anyone feels inadequate they generally tend to overcompensate by aiming for superiority.

If you always find yourself complaining about the smallest things or keep subtly putting yourself on a pedestal then maybe it’s time for you to do some self-assessment.

You have a problem with your temper

Being short-tempered may be indicative of your insecurities. Reason being an angry response to someone could be a subconscious way to divert attention from your flaws and scare the person away from prying. It is understandable that you may be genuinely angry at yourself for all these deep-seated insecurities. It can feel like no matter how calm you try to be you’re unable to control your anger issues. Suggest you try to get to know yourself better in order to sort out these insecurities.

You are extremely defensive

We all know that person who responds with anger if you don’t agree with their opinions. If this sounds like you then the cause may be your insecurities defensive people. Think that their outwardly and sometimes aggressive approach will keep them safe from some unwarranted outside attack. This is due to the fact that you subconsciously tried to shield yourself from your own competence doubts and likability. It’s usually pretty difficult to acknowledge being defensive and later on in life it becomes extremely difficult to adjust. Although you may feel like your reaction to the situation is rational being defensive is always equated to insecurities.

Insecure – You tend to joke too much

Another telltale sign of personal insecurity is excessive joking. Have you been referred to as the class clown in your school? You should know that humor is a coping mechanism used by individuals that are extremely insecure about people liking them. Due to your humorous perspective on life including all the sad moments, people love to be around you as you help them cope with difficult situations. Sadly not all humor is positive or healthy. You may also use wet and banter to mask feelings of insecurity and aggression.

Insecure – You tend to push people away

Have you had a history of troubled relationships? Have you ever broken up with someone so that you don’t get dumped? The reason can be trickled down to your insecurities that you may not consciously acknowledge. But affects your life on a subconscious level. Insecure people tend to always push people away. Which can be a possible way of reassuring themselves by thinking less of the people around them.

Insecure – Final Thoughts

If you’re one of those people who can’t listen to anybody else’s problems without bringing up yourself. People might assume you’re overconfident but it also could mean that you’re actually insecure. It might mean you’re obsessed with fixing yourself and overanalyzing. If you’re always bringing yourself up in conversation you might be looking for people to talk about you because you don’t think your own opinions and approval are enough.

Are you afraid of rejection and lack self-confidence thinking your partners will get wind of your flaws and leave you then you should know that the root cause of this behavior lies in your insecure nature. To avoid this unsavory situation always remember to communicate with your loved ones in detail and do not forget to love yourself first.