RTX 3090

Should You Buy NVidia RTX 3090 GPU? Review

The RTX 3090 from NVidia, this is the thickest and the quickest GPU. This is the king of the GeForce gpus right now. It is big and it’s super expensive comes in at 1500 dollars. The benchmarks, 4k gaming is probably like 8 to 10 times better than an RTX 3080 in most games. Occasionally might hit like 11 to 12 times better but for the average person that’s looking for a new GPU it doesn’t seem to make sense. This is not a 4k gaming card if that’s what you’re looking for.

RTX 3090 Memory

RTX 3090 has a ton of video memory. It’s got a huge 24 gigabyte stash of it. And for some creative workflows that can make use of extra ram. It pushes out like 20 to 25 improvements over the 3080. In blender and with octane Autodesk Arnold v-ray basically anything that can take advantage of a lot of video memory. The 3090 delivers some really nice gains. A 20 to maybe 25 improvement in workflow speed can be very significant. If that’s your profession, if that’s how you earn your living paying the extra 800 bucks to pick up a 3090 instead of a 3080 is probably ok.

The 3090 does a slightly better job. It’s not really worth it to video editors to pay the extra 800 bucks.

RTX 3090 8K Gaming

This card has been touted by NVidia as being capable of playing 8k games at 60 frames per second. This thing has it can push out pretty smooth frame rates in 8k. 8k gaming is highly dependent on the type of game that you’re playing. So stuff like doom and over watch or games where the action is so quick, it’s kind of hard to appreciate the increase in resolution like the extra details are there. There’s definitely more pixels and if you look for it, like if you’re looking at your gun you look at the kind of features and details on the artwork. It’s there, you stick your face right up to the screen you’ll notice it but the thing is when you’re playing these games you tend not to look at the stuff that much. You tend to focus on your targeting reticle and the actual gameplay.

Final Thoughts

For regular gamers the 3080 is the way to go. The thing is that card is so good, amazing. RTX 3090 looks expensive and it feels weirdly overpriced because the 3080 is as good as it. But that’s the reality right that card is meant for gaming. This card is meant for rich people with 8K TVs and workflows that can make use of video memory.