Sexual Harassment – My View

Sexual harassment – Women, who is treated as the creator of this life has been being a prey to many of the sexual harassment’s instead of getting prayed for the life she gave.


There are many women empowerment programs and laws brought into picture for the safety of women. But let us question our self….are these laws really implemented? Do they show any impact on the person who is harassing women? The answer obviously is “NO” because if they were really showing impact on the people there would not have been so many incidents happening with women.

They say “Right to Freedom” is a fundamental right as per our constitution applicable to all the citizens of India. But where is it for women? Are women able to be what they wish to? Again the answer is “NO”…why is it so? The one and only one answer that comes into everyone’s mind is “FEAR”. The fear to go out and live our life because we are not aware of what kind of circumstances we are going to face once we are out from home. The main reason for this is the sexual harassment that a women faces. When I say sexual harassment, it refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances orally and physically.

Who has given men the right to harass women? No one right!!!!!!! But still wherever we go we almost face the same. Whatever may be the place, like in a bus top waiting for a bus, while walking on a road, at school, college and even at offices women are becoming a prey to harassment’s. Why should they become so? Do they deserve it? Why are men not able to think before they harass women? Even they come out from a mother’s womb. So they should obviously know the importance of a woman. Despite this if men are making women feel uncomfortable and embarrassed at every point, then where is the problem lying with?


It is not the government that has to implement laws for women safety. It is the thought process of men that need to be changed and the way men look at women that needs to be changed. If this is done, no law is necessary for the protection of women. Mahatma Gandhi once said “When a woman can walk safely on roads at midnight without any fear, then it is the real independence to India”. But in the current society where a woman doesn’t have a safety at day time also, how can we expect for her safety at night? That means is India still not an independent country? Why should women lag in their independence though it has been many years since India is declared as Independent? Just think for yourself where the actual problem is lying???????