Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Case

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ – Best Choice For New Buyers

Samsung perfects all basic features in Samsung Galaxy Buds+. Audio quality, Battery and Design are pretty good. For $150 (~12,000 Indian Price) you are going to get a compact and good earphones. Though there are few things which are missing but you don’t need to worry much about them.

Average battery life is around 11 hours. There is no active noise cancellation but they have compensated it with pretty good design. They have included a rubber material so that it blocks noises around you. It got 1 inner mic and 2 outer mics on each of the bud.

You can connect it to your smartphone with Android 5.0 and up with 1.5+ GB RAM. Apple users can also connect to their devices with iPhone 7/iOS 10 and up. And compatible with PCs running Windows 10, version 1803 and above. There is an app for each of the operating system to fine tune your settings. It comes in a case with USB-C and uses Bluetooth 5.

They are light weight, sweat resistant (IPX2) and available in four colors, Cosmic Black, White, Cloud Blue and Red. Case supports wireless charging. A 3 minute charge will give 1 hour of Music time. You can connect it with voice assistants like Bixby and Alexa, and also to your smartwatch or tablet.

You can place your order here – India Or USA. If you are looking for good quality high-end wireless earphones which cover all basic features then you can go for Samsung Galaxy Buds+.